Free Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) Clinical Protocols (Handouts)

abm_logoAs a lactation specialist who does lots of hospital consultations abroad, I’ve found the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine’s (ABM) Clinical Protocols to be extremely helpful – particularly in instances where physicians and/or other healthcare professionals are giving recommendations or advice that will create impediments or “booby traps” for breastfeeding. Having evidence-based research at your fingertips not only assists the breastfeeding families seeking your help and expertise but can perhaps educate a few healthcare professionals along the way as well.

The clinical protocols are offered in several different languages (English, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese) and cover a whole range of breastfeeding-related topics including supplementation, jaundice, milk storage, galactogogues, mastitis, engorgement, use of anti-depressants, model hospital policy, hypoglycemia, etc.). You can find all of the clinical protocols here.