If you have any helpful resources to add to Galactablog’s ever-expanding collection, please do send them my way. Whether it’s a video on Youtube that you’ve found incredibly helpful with your clients, ideas for a new Pinterest board, new handouts ready for download, opportunities for free CERPS/CEUs or a new lactation training opportunity,or just something you found indispensable, I’d love to share it (and give you credit of course). I look forward to compiling a wealth of resources that can be accessible to those around the world.

In the spirit of collegiality, Galactablog is also looking for guest posts. So if you have a tip you’d like to share, a DIY option you’ve recently fanangled, problems you’ve overcame as a lactation professional or a topic you feel strongly about, well, don’t be shy. Shoot me a message, I’m excited to hear your ideas and what you have to offer.


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