Hiya from Galactablog! Have a look around, make yourself at home. There are lots of free resources: webinars and podcasts, handouts, journal articles, training modules, DYI breastfeeding tips, tricks and products, CERPs/CEUs and more. Topics relevant to lactation will be blogged about and shared – not only by myself, but also by lactation specialists and those aspiring-to-be from around the world.

guest postIf you have a special topic that you’re passionate about – consider writing a Guest Post. I’d love to feature it and of course, give you all the credit. Plus, you’ll have a free opportunity for shameless self-promotion. Send me your ideas here.


Galactablog has some fun weekly series – so keep your eyes out for ‘Freebie Friday,’ ‘Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks,’ ‘Words from the Wise‘ and ‘The Sunday Review.’ We’re constantly adding new series like ‘Freebie Week,’ and are currently working on a podcast that will be interviewing private practice lactation specialists all over the world. So keep checking back and stay tuned.

Check out Galactablog’s Pinterest Boards and YouTube Channel, both full of social-media-design-concept_1284-5151free breastfeeding-related videos for parents and professionals. All are free resources you can use to further your own lactation knowledge and to help those around you breastfeed. Galactablog is also on Twitter and Facebook, both as a ‘Community Group‘ and a closed, private group open to lactation professionals, those aspiring-to-be and breastfeeding supporters.

If you’re interested in furthering your lactation training, check out the various lactation training opportunities under the “Lactation Training” tab in the header. I’m not in any way affiliated with any of the programs, nor do I earn any money or incentives – I just want to disseminate the information out to those who need it. If you know of a program I’ve left out, please send the info my way so it can be included.

final the sunday review lactation programsGalactablog is the ONLY blog in the world to publish reviews of lactation training programs in the weekly ‘Sunday Review’ series, so for those of you who’ve taken these trainings and/or finished lactation training programs, consider writing a review so we can help others decide what program and will best fit their needs. You can use your name or go anoymous – up to you. You can find the review form here. Lactation programs ARE reading the reviews published and your review can help create change.

I look forward to working collaboratively in order to create FREE resources accessible worldwide to help not only my fellow Lacties, but to help encourage breastfeeding.

Stay tuned for more,
(Galactablog Founder)


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for sharing your website with me! I have been a volunteer breastfeeding community support resource since the late 1980’s. My helping style tends to be more like a village auntie folksy because I am not a healthcare worker. I have helped thousands of mothers reach their breastfeeding goals. I do not charge money for my knowledge.


    • Welcome to Galactablog Elly! You’ve been helping breastfeeding mothers and families for over 30+ years – that’s amazing and such an inspiration! That’s the goal of this blog, to share information that is relevant to healthcare workers, lactation specialists and those aspiring to be and those who just want to help others breastfeed. Where I am living now, we have a dearth of resources, so I’m trying to create a venue where we can all share and learn from each other. Frequently, we learn more from the comments on the posts (and shared experiences) than we do from the original post. That’s what I’m trying to do, is to create a dialogue for all of us all over the world. Thank you so much for following and commenting. I look forward to getting to know you better.


  2. Hello
    I’m so lucky to find your page !

    How I can contact you please ?
    I’m living in Kuwait and want to take your consaltation please for my baby’s health issues .


  3. Hi Tamara,

    My name is Anna Sadovnikova. I study mammary gland biology and breastfeeding Medicine in the MD/PhD program at UC Davis in California.

    I am interested in collaborating with you on a few educational resources and to get your opinion on my work in breastfeeding education, especially as it may pertain to health provider and patient education in Muslim-majority countries.

    You can find more info about my work at http://www.liquidgoldconcept.com


    I look forward to speaking with you. Usually, I am available on m/w/f after 12 PM PST.


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