Lactation Training

This page (and its partner pages) will cover various types of Lactation Training Programs, Certifications and Certificates, Clinical Programs and Mother-to-Mother Peer Breastfeeding Support Programs. It will also contain Lactation Program Reviews written by former students. See each of the teal hyperlinked subcategories for more detail.

Lactation Certification & Training Programs 

“Clinical” Lactation Training Programs

Mother to Mother Peer Breastfeeding Support Programs

Lactation Program Reviews (reviews by former students)

landscape 2Wondering what the heck the difference is between all of these acronyms, training programs, certifications, credentials, peer support, etc. and which way is the best route for you?  If so, check out the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalitions’ Landscape of Professional Breastfeeding Support. This pictorial (and free downloadable pdf) will definitely help you make sense of this confusing process.

Have you already completed a lactation training program or wanting to hear what former students have to say about specific programs? Well, look no further, check out the Lactation Program reviews for honest feedback on particular programs. If you’ve completed a lactation program yourself – consider writing a Lactation program review of your own. We all know how stressful and confusing the program selection process is and you’d be helping others decide which program best suits their needs. To complete a Review of your own, click here.


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