Freebie Friday: FREE Podcast on “Marijuana & Breastfeeding”

Yup, it’s the end of the week already. That means it’s time for FREEBIE FRIDAY! This week’s freebie is a FREE Podcast on “Marijuana and Breastfeeding”
by Anne Eglash MD, IBCLC and Karen Bodnar MD, IBCLC.

From the Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding & Lactation Education (IABLE) website:

“Join us to learn about the 2018 American Academy of Pediatrics statement on marijuana during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Bodnar summarizes the major points in the AAP’s 2018 statement on marijuana during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Learn the latest recommendations on how to counsel families regarding perinatal marijuana use!”

It was originally recorded in September 2018, but don’t worry, it’s still available as a podcast for free. Just click here to listen to it.

Quick tip: When you click on the link to view the Podcast, check out the “Programs” header on the left side of the site. You’ll find lots more FREE lactation resources including Podcasts, Videos, Breastfeeding Handouts, Breastfeeding Education for Healthcare Providers, Clinical
Questions for the Week, Conferences and more.

Happy listening (and learning). Oh, Happy Friday too!

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FREEBIE FRIDAY: Free Template to Organize Your CERPs from Annie Frisbie, IBCLC

Annie Frisibe – IBCLC & Author

One of the joys of being an IBCLC (or preparing to become one), is keeping track of your Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs). Whether you are re-certifying or intending to take the exam for the first time, the CERPs are a necessary component of the lactation field.

CERPs aren’t just necessary for IBCLCs, in fact, any lactation specialist (and those aspiring-to-be) can benefit from CERPs. This ensures they are are getting the latest evidence-based training, recommendations and information.

Yet, with the responsibility to obtain and record dozens (and sometimes hundreds!) of different CERPs, it can become a stressful and chaotic ordeal. You may find yourself wanting to bury your head in the sand or put it off. Does “I’ll do it next year sound familiar?”

But stress no more! Annie Frisbie, IBCLC and author of the popular Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC and the newly released IBCLC Private Practice: From Start to Strong has developed a brilliant system for organizing CERPS. Best of all, she’s offering it to you for FREE. Yup, you read that right, a free template to organize all of your CERP chaos. You can download it here.  Now all of that precious time you spent procrastinating or being overwhelmed, you can put towards obtaining more CERPs (or couch surfing, taking a yoga class, sleeping-in, deep cleaning your house – whatever your heart desires). Thanks a bunch Annie – this is literally a life-saver!

If you didn’t already know, Annie created a private Facebook group that you can join, ask questions and see what other Lactation Professionals are up to. You can join here.

If you’re interested in seeing what else Annie is up to, find her at:


Do you have an idea for FREEBIE FRIDAY? Don’t be shy! Please do share – I promise to give you full credit. If you’re a company, private practice, NGO, etc. and have a FREE opportunity or item to offer to Galactablog readers, please drop me a line. As long as you are WHO Code Compliant, you’ll be given full consideration. You can contact me here or email me at: I look forward to hearing from you.

Gold Lactation Conference offering FREE Presentation on HIV & Breastfeeding

Gold Lactation Online Conference is offering free access to a presentation given by Pamela Morrison, IBCLC, titled “Back to the Future on HIV and Breastfeeding: The findings that transformed policy.”

“When mothers diagnosed as HIV-positive can receive full antiretroviral therapy for their own health, and when when they exclusively breastfeed to six months and continue partial breastfeeding to 12 months, then the risk of transmission of HIV to their babies can be reduced to between 0-1%.”
~Pamela Morrison, IBCLC

Make sure to check out Gold Lactation Online Conference for upcoming conferences and presentations, news and updates. Online CERPS, L-CERPs, E-CERPs, R-CERPs, CEUs are provided for a fee. 

Students and volunteers get 50% off registration.