Freebie Friday: 6 FREE presentations from iLactation

iLactation is generously offering FREE access to 6 different presentations which cover a wide array of lactation topics. You can view the list of FREE presentations offered here. There’s a terrific line up of speakers and fascinating topics, so don’t miss out on this FREE opportunity.

***Disclaimer: CERPs are NOT offered for the free presentations, but you WILL gain free knowledge and resources, which is priceless. Certificates of attendance ARE offered for each presentation and these are FREE. You can use the certificate of attendance to claim for the minutes/hours you’ve spent on the individual CERPs. See here for how to do this and scroll down to ‘May I use continuing education that has not been awarded CERPs?’ for specific details.

If you are in need of CERPs or just interested in hearing more lactation-related presentations, check out iLactation’s 13th annual online breastfeeding conference. This year, iLactation’s online breastfeeding conference: “Inform • Improve • Impact,” is offering 18+ CERPs. You can view the ‘Rock Stars of Lactation’™ line-up here.  But hurry up, it’s only online until November 30,2018.

Inform • Improve • Impact
Online breastfeeding conference
Online until Nov 30, 2018


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Gold Lactation Conference offering FREE Presentation on HIV & Breastfeeding

Gold Lactation Online Conference is offering free access to a presentation given by Pamela Morrison, IBCLC, titled “Back to the Future on HIV and Breastfeeding: The findings that transformed policy.”

“When mothers diagnosed as HIV-positive can receive full antiretroviral therapy for their own health, and when when they exclusively breastfeed to six months and continue partial breastfeeding to 12 months, then the risk of transmission of HIV to their babies can be reduced to between 0-1%.”
~Pamela Morrison, IBCLC

Make sure to check out Gold Lactation Online Conference for upcoming conferences and presentations, news and updates. Online CERPS, L-CERPs, E-CERPs, R-CERPs, CEUs are provided for a fee. 

Students and volunteers get 50% off registration.