FREEBIE FRIDAY: Free E-Book, “5 Crucial Ways to Prepare for Breastfeeding” to Share with Your Clients

It’s that time again – FREEBIE FRIDAY! Hooray for free stuff. Cindy & Jana are back again, this time with a FREE ebook titled, “5 Crucial Ways to Prepare for Breastfeeding.” You may ask, why write a book on preparing to breastfeed? How will this book help the breastfeeding families you work with? Cindy & Jana explain:

Cindy & Jana – Newborn Nurses & IBCLCs

“We are convinced that preparation for breastfeeding must occur before baby’s arrival! Recovering from birth while learning to breastfeed can be simply overwhelming, especially if entertaining family and friends. Our e-book’s 5 simple steps will increase parent’s confidence and help to make this special time easier.”
                 ~Cindy & Jana, 2018  

Talk about the perfect gift to share with your clients – not only does it cost you nothing, but it provides your clients with crucial information to succeed in their breastfeeding goals. Click here to access your free e-book now!

Are you interested in learning more about  Cindy & Jana and checking out what else they have to offer? You can find them on  Facebook – Pinterest – or their  Website.

Do you have an idea for FREEBIE FRIDAY? Don’t be shy! Please do share – I promise to give you full credit. If you’re a company, private practice, NGO, etc. and have a FREE item to offer to Galactablog readers, please drop me a line. As long as you are WHO Code Compliant, you’ll be given full consideration. You can contact me here or email me at: I look forward to hearing from you.

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