Lactation Program Review: Healthy Children’s Lactation Counselor Training Course & CLC Certification

Lactation Program Review: 

Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding’s  

Lactation Counselor Training Course

By Stormy Miller

January 18, 2015

How long did it take you to complete the program? 1 week (Monday-Friday)

Certification or Certificate Offered – Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)

Delivery of Program – In-person

Books & Materials Required – The Pocket Guide for Lactation Management by Karin Cadwell, 2nd edition (can be purchased on Amazon from about $25-$35). I paid $32.

Cost of Program (Including books, materials, application fees, etc.) – I paid $575 (early bird price) + $120 (application fee and exam fee) +$32 book = $727 total cost

# of L-CERPs, Nursing Contact Hours, CEUs, CPEs, etc. offered – 45 Nursing contact hours, L-CERPs, CPEs; 4.5 CEUs for CNMs

What did you like about the program?

  • The course was Monday through Friday – I could knock it out in 1 week. I took a week off work while my toddler was in daycare so I could finish it quickly. Since I work full-time, I don’t much extra time at home.
  • The course was very comprehensive. I learned a lot of evidence-based information.
  • We were sent home with homework every night, but reviewed it in class the next morning. I was able to keep the majority of it and use it as a study guide. The homework wasn’t too bad – I could still complete it on top of my “wife” and “mom” responsibilities with a 15 month old breastfeeding toddler.
  • During lunch and breaks, we got into groups to complete role-plays.
  • The instructors were very nice and knowledgeable.
  • I was allowed me to pump in the back of the room!
  • With the CLC certification, I can open up a private practice if I wanted to.

What did you dislike about the program?

  • The Training Program was a little rigorous, but it was doable. My personal breastfeeding experience and health science background helped me a lot as well.
  • The Training was a little outdated. It showed a lot of old videos and referenced older studies, which made me wonder if there are in fact, more current studies and videos they could’ve utilized?
  • We didn’t cover anything to do with nursing to sleep and this is a very common question asked by new mothers.
  • The issues of pumping, returning to work and balancing working and breastfeeding were barely discussed, nor was how to give infants bottles in a breastfeeding-friendly way (paced bottle-feeding), which is essential information for a caregiver while mom is away at work. Literally, there were only a few bullet points in the whole book/program. I feel this is a very basic thing that many mothers deal experience and need help with.
  • We were only showed 2 examples of LATCH videos to practice. We definitely need to have more practice for the exam! And I would’ve liked more latch video examples.
  • The instructors told us that there wouldn’t be any questions regarding statistics on the exam, but in fact, there was.

How rigorous/time consuming did you find the program?

Since I work full-time, I did have to arrange to schedule Monday-Friday off. The homework wasn’t too bad, and I was still able to complete with a 15 month breastfeeding toddler at home.

Would you recommend this program to others?

Yes, if someone is interested in lactation, I would say this this is a very good program to start with.

Knowing what you know now, would you take this program again? Yes.

Do you feel the course and/or certification helped you obtain your goals?

Yes. I want to help working mothers and I’m also working with the state coalition with a daycare project.

Does your program/credential require you to recertify? If so, how long does the credential last and what is required to recertify? My CLC credential lasts is good for 3 years. Recertification takes 18 hours of continuing education.

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**Disclaimer – The views and opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Galactablog. It’s also important to note that these views are not the only source of information about this particular lactation training program. See here for more program details on Healthy Children’s Lactation Counselor Training Course, along with comparison of similar Lactation Training Programs. If you’re interested in Lactation Training Programs that offer a clinical practice component, see here.


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