Free Health Training from Tulane Knowledge to Practice Program

Tulane Knowledge to Practice Program – Provides 4 training online tutorials geared towards both individuals and groups. Each tutorial includes videos, quizzes, activities and references). You can access tutorials here. A certificate of completion is given if you complete all 4 tutorials online.

1) Health Communication
2) Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Program Development
3) Valuing Diversity
4) Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships

See here for more training resources compiled by the KTP program.


FREE Lactation Training from Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics – Developed based upon lectures and courses given by Mary O’Connor MD, Linda Lewin MD and colleagues at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), University Hospitals of Cleveland. Covers 7 topical modules complete with individual learning objectives and pre and post tests:

1) Breastfeeding Benefits & Barriers
2) Anatomy & Physiology
3) Growth & Development
4) Breastfeeding Around the World
5) The Breastfeeding Couple
6) The Term Infant with Problems
7) Breast Milk and Drugs

Happy learning!

Wellstart International FREE Lactation Management Self-Study Module

8x10 contents

Table of Contents for Wellstart International Lactation Management Self-Study Module, 2014. Click to enlarge.

Wellstart International has released it’s current evidenced-based Lactation Management Self-Study Modules (Level 1). 4th ed. Edited by Audrey J. Naylor & Ruth A. Wester (2014). This 151 page lactation training manual consists of 3 modules, a pre and post test to test knowledge gained, case studies for application of knowledge and a comprehensive annex full of useful resources such as an extensive list of lactation management and breastfeeding promotion websites, guidelines for topics like milk storage, guidelines for hand expression, Provisions of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and infant feeding in emergency situations (and more). The information is certainly not limited that that merely mentioned, there is more. Best yet, this training module is FREE! 

You can find the Spanish version here.

Not only is it a excellent training resource for lactation managers, but it can also be utilized as a study tool for those of us preparing for the IBCLC exam.

Wellstart International points out that:

“This educational tool is downloadable without charge.  Visitors are invited but not required to help this tool to continue to be available by donating any amount they wish to Wellstart International, a US based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.”

This Self-Study Module can be used by physicians, nurses and other maternity care staff to satisfy a portion of the 20 hour Baby Friendly® Hospital by Baby-Friendly USA, Inc. (BFUSA) training. Please refer to the Important Notice for U.S. Users of Wellstart International’s Lactation Management Self-Study Modules, Level 1, Fourth Edition 2013 for further details.

Did I mention that the annex has little cheat sheets you can print off and take along with you on home or hospital visits? Very helpful! Here’s a quick peek, but download the actual module for higher quality formats.

wellstart cheat sheets 4 up

Click to Enlarge. If saving or printing, do so from original source for best quality.