Free Webinar: “Skin to Skin & the Impact on Exclusive Breastfeeding”

In this FREE 1 hour webinar, Dr. Susan Ludington discusses the effects and influence kangaroo care has on skintoskinwebinar_injoyphotobreastfeeding and how to do skin-to-skin safely after birth. All it requires is registering (free), providing the usual personal information and you get access to the webinar either by streaming it online or downloading it.

Make sure to download the nifty corresponding handout that goes along with the presentation.

injoy logo

It doesn’t end here! InJoy offers quarterly free webinars on a wide array of topics pertinent to health professionals including, but not limited to prenatal care, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and more. Click here for free past webinars that are still accessible.

*Disclaimer* I’m in no way affiliated with InJoy, nor am I a tech expert. So if you experience technical difficulties, please contact them directly.





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