Business Case for Breastfeeding: Free Lactation Support Toolkit

Do you have breastfeeding mothers asking you how to they should approach their employer about pumping and even wondering if they can continue to breastfeed once they go back to work?

Do you have employers contacting you, asking how they can how they can better support their breastfeeding employees, how to assess their current lactation program or even wondering what lactation policies to put into place?

Whatever the case, check out the Business Case for Breastfeeding, a free lactation support toolkit put out by the U.S Health and Human ServicesIt gives not only provides awesome, helpful tools (in the form of handouts and brochures) for families to make the case for breastfeeding to their employer, but it gives resources for employers as well. All are free to to download, print and distribute.

This lactation support toolkit also has a section of resources specifically geared towards lactation and health professionals in order to support outreach with businesses – including marketing guides and presentations.




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