Free Webinar: “Becoming a Lactation Consultant”

Are you wondering what it takes to become a Lactation Consultant or have questions about the IBCLC exam?

Breastfeeding Outlook is offering a series of FREE 1 hour live webinars that will cover what it takes to qualify for the IBCLC exam. The webinar will also discuss how to maximize your earning potential and how to improve your credibility. Marie Biancuzzo, RN, MS, IBCLC will be answering questions live.

Dates & Times

Space is limited for each webinar. All it takes is registering online. Easy peasy. Instructions are emailed to you a few days before the webinar. Take advantage of this free opportunity to get all of your IBCLC-related questions answered.


2 thoughts on “Free Webinar: “Becoming a Lactation Consultant”

  1. Hey Tamara,
    Thank you for the link. I created a username and password and clicked on the webinar and clicked on checkout. However, it is not showing a checkout or confirmation of the webinar. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else as well, or is there something that I am specifically doing wrong


  2. Dear Mirna,
    Have you tried logging back in to your new account to see if it was established? You’ll know it is because it will show your account information (and let you log-in). Breastfeeding Outlook said it can take up to 5 minutes to establish your account. I just did the following based on what you told me (I wasn’t registered for the seminar yet either) and while it didn’t give show me a checkout or confirmation of the webinar, it did recognize that I had a new account and it showed the webinar in my shopping cart. The site says that instructions of how to log-in/view the webinar will be emailed to you 1-2 days before the actual broadcast. If you scroll to the bottom of your new account info, you can click on options for free stuff (breastfeeding posters) and a Sample 7-Question IBCLC Practice Exam. If you aren’t able to log-in or view your account after 5 minutes, I’d recommend contacting Breastfeeding Outlook directly.


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