DIY Pumping Bras

Living in Lebanon, access to affordable and quality maternity and nursing clothing (and accessories) is almost an impossible feat. Often when we finally find it, it’s expensive or not well-made and we’re not even sure it will last a few washings. Even in the States and around the world, many can’t afford the $40+ a pumping bra can cost. Well, no worries – you can make your own for FREE with just a little bit of time, imagination and an old bra (or in one case, rubber bands). Here are videos demonstrating 3 different ways to make a DYI pumping bra. If you know of other ways, please do share!

1) Using an old sports bra

2) Using a regular bra (offers more support for those who are bigger chested)

3) A nifty rubber band trick using your breast pump

 All 3 videos DYI Pumping Bra are featured here on Galactablog’s Youtube Channel which makes it easy to share and view. Check it out and subscribe so you don’t miss a video.

Interested in DYI options? You can make your own nursing tanks and tops as well! Easy peasy. See Galactablog’s YouTube DYI Nursing Tops channel for more DYI how-to-videos and Galactablog’s “DYI Breastfeeding Hacks” Pinterest Board for more ideas.


3 thoughts on “DIY Pumping Bras

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