Tongue Tie Educational Video Teaching Tip

This incredibly useful, creative and educational video tip by MaryAnn O’Hara, MD, MPH is excellent for teaching lactation professionals, aspiring lactation specialists, breastfeeding peer counselors and even parents HOW to understand (and teach) tongue tie  what is is, how it can affect breastfeeding and what clipping entails. Dr. O’Hara’s approach is innovative, applicable and brilliant. I must say so myself, it’s quite fun to do as well. But I worn you, it takes a bit of practice, so practice at home in front of a mirror first!

I’d like to note that I heard about this video via Lisa Green, DNP, RN, who mentioned it during one of her lectures that was a part of ASU’s Clinical Lactation Management program.

Do you have any educational videos in mind that you’d like to share? Perhaps one that helps better illustrate a concept or another that has incredible eye-catching graphics. If it relates to lactation, contact Galactablog with your ideas! Also, check out Galactablog’s Youtube Video channel. Breastfeeding-related topics are categorized and arranged as different playlists. Again, if you’d like me to add any videos you find particularly effective, don’t be shy, let me know!


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