FREEBIE FRIDAY: FREE Lecture & L-CERP by Nancy Mohrbacher from Gold Lactation

GOLD Learning Online Conferences is thrilled to honour IBCLCs, those aspiring-to-be and breastfeeding supporters from around the world with this free presentation from Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA.

In “A Mother’s-Eye View of Breastfeeding Help” Nancy offers us a unique opportunity to examine breastfeeding helping situations from the mother’s point of view. This lecture draws upon relevant research to help us understand how we can be both effective and empowering in our interactions.

This presentation is available online in the GOLD Learning Library. Four weeks of access time is included with this lecture, as well as the downloadable speaker handout. Upon completion, you will be awarded 1 L-CERP – all of which are FREE! Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to advance your practice and increase your skill!

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***Disclaimer: I do not get paid for any resource, product, etc. featured on Galactablog’s ‘Freebie Friday’ series. I’m just sharing free resources I think may be beneficial to lactation professionals and those aspiring-to-be. 


Tongue Tie Educational Video Teaching Tip

This incredibly useful, creative and educational video tip by MaryAnn O’Hara, MD, MPH is excellent for teaching lactation professionals, aspiring lactation specialists, breastfeeding peer counselors and even parents HOW to understand (and teach) tongue tie  what is is, how it can affect breastfeeding and what clipping entails. Dr. O’Hara’s approach is innovative, applicable and brilliant. I must say so myself, it’s quite fun to do as well. But I worn you, it takes a bit of practice, so practice at home in front of a mirror first!

I’d like to note that I heard about this video via Lisa Green, DNP, RN, who mentioned it during one of her lectures that was a part of ASU’s Clinical Lactation Management program.

Do you have any educational videos in mind that you’d like to share? Perhaps one that helps better illustrate a concept or another that has incredible eye-catching graphics. If it relates to lactation, contact Galactablog with your ideas! Also, check out Galactablog’s Youtube Video channel. Breastfeeding-related topics are categorized and arranged as different playlists. Again, if you’d like me to add any videos you find particularly effective, don’t be shy, let me know!

DIY Pumping Bras

Living in Lebanon, access to affordable and quality maternity and nursing clothing (and accessories) is almost an impossible feat. Often when we finally find it, it’s expensive or not well-made and we’re not even sure it will last a few washings. Even in the States and around the world, many can’t afford the $40+ a pumping bra can cost. Well, no worries – you can make your own for FREE with just a little bit of time, imagination and an old bra (or in one case, rubber bands). Here are videos demonstrating 3 different ways to make a DYI pumping bra. If you know of other ways, please do share!

1) Using an old sports bra

2) Using a regular bra (offers more support for those who are bigger chested)

3) A nifty rubber band trick using your breast pump

 All 3 videos DYI Pumping Bra are featured here on Galactablog’s Youtube Channel which makes it easy to share and view. Check it out and subscribe so you don’t miss a video.

Interested in DYI options? You can make your own nursing tanks and tops as well! Easy peasy. See Galactablog’s YouTube DYI Nursing Tops channel for more DYI how-to-videos and Galactablog’s “DYI Breastfeeding Hacks” Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Let’s do the Flipple!

Do you have a mother who is struggling with a shallow latch? Or perhaps she has sore, cracked and/or bleeding nipples? Do you feel like you’ve gone through your bag of tricks and are running out of ideas? Check out the “flipple” technique by Wagonbird on Youtube. It takes some practice, so practice with yourself or your fake breast before encouraging others to try it. Personally, several of my clients have told me the the “flipple” has saved their breastfeeding experience. So why not give it a try?

Check out Galactablog’s Youtube “Breastfeeding Tricks” Playlist for more variations on the “flipple” technique.

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