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SAGE is offering FREE access to some of it’s most popular nursing and health articles of 2014.

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Here’s a quick screen shot of all the articles SAGE is offering up for free. Specifically related to lactation, you’ll find in published in the Journal of Human Lactation (2014) an article titled, “Relationship between Use of Labor Pain Medications and Delayed Onset of Lactation by Jennifer N. Lind, Cria G. Perrine & Ruowei Li. But don’t stop there! Several more FREE articles are waiting there for you to check them out.

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Free Journal of Human Lactation Podcasts

The Journal of Human Lactation has released 5 FREE podcasts.

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“The Journal of Human Lactation is pleased to present podcasts related to selective published articles. Each podcast features a Q&A discussion between the journal editor and corresponding author, expanding upon the topics researched in the article. Along with a link to the recording, each description includes a link to the complete published article.”

Titles of podcasts included are:

1) The Galactogogue Bandwagon – Q and A with Dr. Philip Anderson

2) Establishing an Online and Social Media Presence for Your IBCLC Practice

3) What Do Kramers Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative PROBIT Studies Tell Us? A Review of a Decade of Research

4) Challenges and Successes: The Baby-Friendly Initiative in Norway

5) Human Colostrum and Breast Milk Contain High Levels of TNF-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL)