Free Journal of Human Lactation Podcasts

The Journal of Human Lactation has released 5 FREE podcasts.

Check them out here.journal human lactation

“The Journal of Human Lactation is pleased to present podcasts related to selective published articles. Each podcast features a Q&A discussion between the journal editor and corresponding author, expanding upon the topics researched in the article. Along with a link to the recording, each description includes a link to the complete published article.”

Titles of podcasts included are:

1) The Galactogogue Bandwagon – Q and A with Dr. Philip Anderson

2) Establishing an Online and Social Media Presence for Your IBCLC Practice

3) What Do Kramers Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative PROBIT Studies Tell Us? A Review of a Decade of Research

4) Challenges and Successes: The Baby-Friendly Initiative in Norway

5) Human Colostrum and Breast Milk Contain High Levels of TNF-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL)


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