Free WHO Training Course on Child Growth Assessment

The World Health Organization (WHO)WHO is offering a free Training Course on Child Growth Assessment. It is geared towards health professionals and is available completely online. WHO points out that this training course:

“It is intended primarily for health care providers who measure and assess the growth of children or who supervise these activities. The course is designed for use over 3 1/2 days. It teaches how to measure weight, length and height, how to interpret growth indicators, investigate causes of growth problems and counsel caregivers.”

Click here to access the course modules and growth records.

Course director’s and facilitator’s resource files can be found here.

This is a fantastic resource for lactation specialists or those aspiring to be. Definitely don’t miss out on this free educational opportunity. As lactation specialists, we need to be able to read and interpret the WHO growth charts to ensure breastfeeding is going smoothly, infants are getting enough milk and growing properly. Additionally, we need to be able to explain the results to the families we work with and to be able to catch underlying issues before they become problematic.


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