LERLactation Education Resources (LER) has a wide variety of handouts available.

Best yet, they are free and available for your use!

You can download handouts for lactation professionals here. These cover topics like:

All Purpose Nipple Ointment
Breast Massage & Compression
Estimating Milk Supply
Sample Job Description
Teaching Breastfeeding

You can download handouts for parents here. These cover a wide range of categories:

Infant Care

There are also several handouts available in Spanish and Chinese




Free Breastfeeding Handouts for Lactation Professionals & Parents

4 thoughts on “Free Breastfeeding Handouts for Lactation Professionals & Parents

  1. Thank you for posting these handouts!!! I work with pregnant mothers through an Early Head start program and I always need more materials to encourage moms to breastfeed. If they are educated, they are more confident and more likely to continue breastfeeding.


    • I’m so glad that you’ve found the handouts helpful and beneficial! I’ve been a bit behind in updating this blog and have lots of future posts planned – some with more free resources, so keep checking back.


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