Lactation Lessons From Leanna – FREE Ebook Promotion!

lessons from leanna picLeanna Mae Sexton has just published a new breastfeeding book, Lactation Lessons From Leanna. It can be purchased on Amazon here. More awesome news! She is offering a FREE Ebook promotion from June 28th to July 8, 2016.  Yes, you read that right. Absolutely free! You can download the FREE Ebook version (in pdf form) here but you better hurry, it’s only free for a few more days.

In this blog post, Leanna reveals why her book is the “ultimate” breastfeeding book and what makes it unique.

Do you want to know more about a certain breastfeeding topic? Leanna is welcoming comments and feedback on her recently released book. Or consider writing a review for “Lactation Lessons from Leanna” on Amazon or Goodreads.

“Lactation Lessons From Leanna”
Guest Post by Leanna Mae Sexton
July 5, 2016

Lactation Lessons From Leanna has everything you need to know about lactation, but it’s different than the rest. Instead of writing it like a novel, this book has been written in lessons similar to a Q&A. Nobody wants to have to flip through hundreds of pages to find the answer to their question. Flip to the detailed outline in the beginning of the book and easily be able to find the topic you have in mind. It’s extremely organized. It’s easy to read. Information is clear and straight to the point. Lists are bullet pointed for quick referencing. This book will bring clarity to all your lactation questions.

When asked the reasons why I wrote this book, it is because I wanted an easy to understand reference for all education levels. I noticed most breastfeeding books are written like novels with a vague table of contents. You have to flip through hundreds of pages to hunt for your answer. I wanted to write something more like a Q&A. I made an outline of all the topics discussed at the beginning of the book. This book is an extremely organized easy read that anyone can reference.

My goals are to improve lactation education in every home. I would love to see this book being recommended by lactation professionals and obstetric staff. It is a dream of mine to get it in hospital gift shops and maternity units.

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Leanna Mae Sexton is an author, activist and a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. Want to know more about Leanna? Follow her on Facebook, Tweet with her on Twitter and Pin with her on Pinterest.


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