Babies and the Art of Sucking

While completing an online lecture via Lactation Education Resources (LER), Jane Bradshaw, RN, BSN, IBCLC stated something so eloquently in one of her lectures that I couldn’t help but share it with my fellow lacties.

One of the most common questions (and concerns and fears) new mothers consistently have is, “Do I have enough milk? Why does my baby want to suck all of the time? This MUST mean I don’t have enough milk!” This quote not only sums up a baby’s biological need and desire to suckle simply and beautifully but it also empowers a breastfeeding mother to know that yes, she can make enough milk to meet her infant’s needs.

final sucking instinct quote

Photo used with permission. Copyright © 2016 Galactablog and Tamara Drenttel Brand.




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